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Clitheroe Therapies Clinic
Clitheroe Therapies Clinic
3 Castlegate

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Tel: 01200-538411
Text Mob: 07547-796213
Online Courses of Therapy available:

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In my role as psychotherapist and having a Clinical Physiology background, I teach how to rebalance the Autonomic Nervous System (anxiety causes major imbalance in this essential function) and then progress forward to enabling clients achieve that sense of control that's "missing" when anxiety and stress have taken over.

I work with:

  • People aged 14+
  • Young people who have been bullied at school or online
  • People with self-confidence/self-esteem issues
  • People with short, medium and long term anxiety and/or depression
  • People on medium to long term medications for anxiety and/or depression who want to reduce or come off their medications altogether - this is done in conjunction with their doctor/GP
  • People struggling with OCD
  • People who have experienced trauma
  • People going through relationship difficulties at home, work or socially
My approach:

  • Is holistic and integrated
  • Is person centred
  • Begins by exploring the physiology behind how you feel - my background being in Clinical Physiology
  • Often involves merging Rogerian, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Existential approaches
  • Always tailors therapy to the individual and their specific needs
  • May include hypnotherapy - I am a CNHC registered hypnotherapist
  • Always uses clinical measures, for example the BAI (Beck Anxiety Inventory) in order to measure progress and benefit
  • Always has a beginning, a middle and an end of therapy
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